Protect all of your devices from viruses with only one program


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AVG Zen is a tool that allows you to manage and protect all your devices with just one application and control everything that happens in order to guarantee safety, privacy, and performance.

Displayed in several tabs, this program will show you the current status of your PC, lap top, tablet, and smartphone so that you can check them from any device (as long as you already have the application installed). You can also link your personal and security information to every device.

AVG Zen makes the synchronization between devices very easy, so that you'll always be able to monitor how they are functioning and be notified of any errors that are detected.

This application will not only monitor the status your devices, but also analyze them and update the virus database with all the threats that may be present so you can you can carry out the proper actions.

Also, this security software will keep your navigator, e-mail, identity, and firewall safe, so that you won't be caught off-guard by malware in any of your work settings.
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